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Monthly Programs

Join us for our monthly programs, listed below, on the first Friday of the month at 7:00 pm. Programs are temporarily being held on-line. Members will be notified with an invitation a week ahead of the program, and after an RSVP, will receive the link to the program.

Please visit us on FaceBook for updates and for vitrual gatherings, announced here on the Website or for members via email.

Birds & Brews Program

We look forward to continuing the much-enjoyed Birds & Brews events with occasional virtual Zoom and Facebook Live gatherings. Birds & Brews brings birding friends together for informative programs and conversation.

Announcements for upcoming virtual gatherings can be found here along with our programs, on Facebook, and by email for SWNM Audubon members. If you have a program suggestion, please contact Megan at megan.ruehmann@gmail.com.

Thor's Homecoming

Friday November 6
7:00 pm on Zoom

On a windy early March day in 2013, an adult male golden eagle made, what should have been, a fatal mistake. Feeding on carrion beside Highway 180 close to Deming, he was flushed into the windshield of a car traveling at 65 mph, smashing the glass and denting the car’s roof at the upper edge of the windshield. He was scooped up from the road by the following driver and taken to Gila Wildlife Rescue in nearby Silver City. Amazingly, a physical exam there revealed NO bone fractures, no nerve dysfunction — no permanent damage!

And so began Thor’s next chapter with his human rehabilitators, watchful biologists and fans. He still wears a functioning satellite transmitter and often returns to his winter range in late October / early November.  In honor of this extraordinary raptor, the story will be told by Dale Stahlecker (who fit Thor with the transmitter), Bob “Murph” Murphy (who has since tracked his movements and migration path), and Megan Ruehmann (who helped with recapture efforts). They are coworkers and biologists with the consulting company Eagle Environmental, Inc., founded by Dale in Santa Fe, NM.

Zoom Invitation:
SWNMA members will receive an email invitation with a link to join the Zoom program approximately a week in advance.

Scott Rashid



Colorado's most hard to find owls species

Friday December 4
7:00 pm on Zoom

Scott Rashid, author, artist, researcher, and director of the Colorado Avian Research and Rehabilitation Institute (CARRI) will give a presentation on four of Colorado's most hard to find owls species  — all of which can be found in New Mexico. These owls include the Northern Pygmy-Owl, Northern Saw-whet Owl, Boreal Owl and Flammulated Owl. Scott will discuss his research on the natural history and nesting habits of these owls in Northern Colorado, including egg laying intervals, growth of the young owls, and the food items each species prefers.

Scott has worked with owls for more than 20 years through monitoring nests, rehabilitating injured birds, raising orphaned owls, and banding both adult and nestling owls. He has written and published five books: Small Mountain Owls, The Great Horned Owl (an in-depth Study), Northern Goshawk, The Gray Ghost, Exploring the World of the Barn Owl and American Kestrel, the diminutive raptor. He has also written and had published several papers on a variety of avian species.

Zoom Invitation:
SWNMA members will receive an email invitation with a link to join the Zoom program approximately a week in advance. This program will be an in-depth learning experience, held in a webinar style format the presenter uses for teaching.