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The Southwestern New Mexico Audubon Society serves communities in four counties;
Silver City, Deming, Lordsburg, Glenwood, Cliff, Reserve, the Mimbres Valley, and the Gila National Forest.

Monthly Programs, Field Trips, Annual Bird CountsEducation, Conservation, Regional Habitat,
and Audubon Membership

Contact → swnmaudubon@gmail.com

Alert! Holloman Draft EIS - Make Your Voice Count!

Over 500 citizens attended the U.S. Air Force Public Hearing on December 4 about the Holloman Draft Environmental Impact Statement regarding expansion of Military Airspace. The proposed airspace expansion is initially for 10,000 additional F-16 training flight sorties, and one of the areas under consideration would bring these sorties over the Gila National Forest and Wilderness Areas. Eighty people provided public comment, many on behalf of local organizations, including local government officials. Lisa Fields, SWNMA Vice President spoke on behalf of SWNMA and submitted a more-in depth written commentary. In an unusual and heartening display of public unity about this critical issue, no one spoke in favor of F-16 training flights over our region. The environmental, quality of life and economic impacts of concern are extensive and potentially severe. An excellent source of information that can help you prepare substantive commentary is peacefulgilaskies.com. Please add your voice! Public comments are accepted until January 31st . You may comment as often as you wish by submitting your comments through either peacefulgilaskies.com or hollomanafbairspaceeis.com.

Help Us Introduce Youngsters to Birdwatching

We had our first classroom  activity with Ms Yvette Troy's 3rd graders at José Barrios, and have outdoor activities planned for the spring. We hope to expand activities with other elementary school children; stay tuned! We’ll be needing binoculars for this project and would appreciate donations of any binoculars you no longer use. Have extra binoculars to donate? You may bring them to any monthly Audubon program. Our next program is February 7th.

Photo by Jane Janson

Plants, Pollinators and Climate Change Mural

The Mimbres Region Arts Council Youth Mural at the corner of Broadway and Texas Street in downtown Silver City is completed! The mural theme, “Plants, Pollinators and Climate Change,” was proposed by SWNM Audubon and designed by Aldo Leopold High School art students, under the direction of teacher Alison Phillips, with input from supporting organizations and based on original photographs by Elroy Limmer. Mimbreño designs bridge past with present, the border consists of blue to red stripes depicting global temperature changes over the last 100 years.

In addition to a highly competitive National Audubon grant of $4500, mural sponsors include Town and Country Garden Club, National Audubon Society’s Coleman and Susan Burke Center for Native Plants, Gila Native Plant Society, SWNMA member Linda Gerritson, Grant County Archaeological Society, and Grant County Beekeepers.

White-breasted Nuthatch by Errol Taskin

What is Feeder Watch?

Join Project FeederWatch for its upcoming November to April 2020 season and have fun watching birds while you help us stay on top of long-term population numbers in a November-April survey of birds at backyard feeders, nature centers, community areas, and more.

FeederWatch includes people of all skill levels and backgrounds, including children, families, individuals, classrooms, retired persons, youth groups and bird clubs. Count birds as often as weekly, or as infrequently as you like. All you need is a bird feeder, bird bath, or plantings that attract birds.

Project FeederWatch is supported almost entirely by its participants. The annual fee is $18 for U.S. residents ($15 for Cornell Lab members) →  Feederwatch.org/join-or-renew.