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Southwestern New Mexico Audubon Society (SWNMA)
  • Membership = $15 per year
  • Includes subscription to bi-monthly newsletter The Ravens
  • Includes priority email notification of Birds & Brews programs (RSVP required)
  • Dues paid to SWNMA are used locally to support activities of this chapter:
    • Advocacy
    • Biological Diversity
    • Conservation
    • Education
    • Habitats
  • Any additional financial support you can provide is greatly appreciated
  • SWNMA is a 501(c)(3) non-profit chapter of the National Audubon Society
  • Our Federal Tax ID number is 81-4858303

Please join the SWNMA chapter by filling out the Membership Application PDF.
Send your check for $15 payable to SWNM Audubon Society to:

Membership Chair
PO Box 1473, Silver City, NM 88062

National Audubon Society (NAS)

  • Membership = $20 per year (minimum)
  • Includes a subscription to Audubon Magazine
  • Supports multiple NAS activities throughout the United States
  • Dues paid to NAS do not come to your local chapter
  • NAS shares a mailing list with SWNMA so we can inform NAS members about local info if you provide them with your email address
  • Join NAS ONLINE and be sure to specify SWNMA Chapter Q50
  • Already a NAS member? We hope you will join SWNMA, too!

The Raven's Newsletter

Our newsletter is published bi-monthly. We encourage you to JOIN our local National Audubon Society chapter and receive "The Ravens" via email.

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Newsletters are in PDF format. Click on a date to launch Adobe Reader to open the document. Most computers have Adobe Acrobat Reader - if not, download it for free.

Letter from SWNMA Board President, Terry Timme
December 2018

First and foremost, this letter does not include a request for donations. It’s a heartfelt thank you to all the people who have recently joined or renewed their membership. Over the past decade or so that I have been involved in SWNMA, I’ve seen our membership double.

Second, I want to express my appreciation for the financial support we received from so many this past May at Give Grandly and the Birdathon. There were numerous generous people who made an additional donation along with their membership. Thanks to all of you.

Third, I want to share with you some ideas your Board of Directors has for the coming year. This past year we held a strategic planning meeting to review our long-term goals and develop short-term strategies to get there. Here are some highlights:

Protecting the Gila River will always be a goal of this chapter, since it was the reason we were founded 50 years ago.  We will continue to be engaged in the process and keep you informed of ways where your help can make a difference.

SWNMA is not an isolated organization; we always strive to build our chapter through regional and community connections. We interact with other organizations in working toward a world in which people and wildlife thrive. Equity, diversity and inclusion is a goal of all of Audubon.

We are proud of the success last year of our Bird, Butterfly and Bee Friendly Silver City initiative, a native plant give-away at Earth Day, and the WNMU Swallow Monitoring Project. We will continue these efforts to create a bird-friendly community and expand it by working with the Arts Council on a Youth Mural that helps convey our goals.

Our past successes are the result of efforts by the Board to build chapter capacity. We will continue those efforts and also seek to build and broaden your Board of Directors. I am immensely grateful for their hard work and dedication and encourage new members to consider joining us. Please contact me, or any member of the Board, if you are interested in becoming more active in SWNMA.

And last, promoting conservation is always at the heart of our goals. With the serious threats facing the environment we all need to do things that make a difference, both globally and locally.

— Terry Timme,  SWNMA President