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Board of Directors

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Elected Officers - 2023 - 2025

President – Linda Moore

Some of you will probably be disappointed in me as the President of the SWNMA Board. Yes, I love birds and have worked with them in some capacity for many years. But I don’t have a life list, I don’t reallykeep track of rare birds in the area and I usually don’t go out of my way to see them if I do hear about them. I consider myself to be a decent birder, but certainly not a great one. I spent many years working with raptors and considering LBBs (little brown birds) to be food for them, and I still struggle with identification of many of those, especially sparrows. Despite all that, I absolutely love going out birding, especially when I can go with someone better than me so I can learn more. That is where I hope to have some influence on SWNMA, for the organization to continue to reach out and provide people with the opportunity to get outside, enjoy nature, and learn a little something about our feathered friends. I truly believe that people will protect that which they enjoy and are familiar with. I hope to meet many of you during my tenure as president, and I look forward to socializing and sharing birding stories and experiences with you.


Treasurer – Ian Robinson

Ian is a retired wildlife veterinarian and con- servationist. He moved to Silver City with his wife Dawn Smith in late 2019. Born in England, and a life-long birder, Ian moved to the US in 2006. He is now enjoying learning about the wildlife, and particularly the birds of the Southwest.


Co-Secretaries – Beth Cable and Dave McDonald

Beth enjoys a variety of activities in both work and play: Silver City Watershed Keepers, practicing and teaching yoga, watching birds, science teaching and nature discovery, running, hiking, looking for snow, exploring wild places, jumping into cold water and spending time with her husband Dave McDonald and their dog, Finn.

Dave retired from the University of Wyoming and moved to Silver City with his wife, Beth Cable, in 2021. He taught Animal Behavior at UW and did research for 40 years on the social behavior of Neotropical birds (manakins). He is an ardent birder and enjoys sharing the joys of birding with others (e.g., by doing classes for WILL). He also enjoys spending time at their house in Ecuador.


Membership – Susan Slade

Susan and her husband Ken relocated to Silver City in 2010 after retirement from their employment in southern California, she from a K-12 school district  and he from construction. Susan became fascinated with birds early, when visiting a bird sanctuary while completing a girl scout badge. She has been a backyard birder ever since. In retirement she is happily learning more about the wonderful birds of southwest New Mexico. She admires the way local Audubon is helping students and the community learn more about birds and the environment that supports them. Susan also enjoys gardening and volunteers with local music and arts groups.


Appointed Officers - 2023 - 2025

Programs, Events & Field Trips Chair– Megan Ruehmann

Megan is a wildlife biologist for the consulting group Eagle Environmental, Inc and is involved in survey efforts for many avian species of conservation concern. Megan is joined on this committee by biologist Emily Pollom, who serves as collaborator, host and support for events, and Brian Dolton who helps with field trips. Together they aim to continue with traditional programs, as well as incorporate other events and outings to reach a broader audience of those interested in our natural world. Anyone is welcome to contribute to the committee, even temporarily!


Conservation Chair – Dawn Smith

Dawn Smith is a retired veterinary technician who spent most of her career in wildlife rehabilitation and conservation. Now settled in southwest New Mexico, she spends most of her time outdoors, enjoying its quiet beauty.


Publicity Co-Chairs – Patricia Taber and Heidi Erstad

Patricia moved to Silver City from Vermont and has been a Board member since 2001 and The Ravens newsletter editor since 2004. Patricia is a plein air painter and camps out while creating her southwest landscape paintings, and volunteers for the NM Alliance. She is a licensed bird bander and enjoys birding locally and in Central and South America.

Heidi moved to Silver City from Milwaukee, Wisconsin after retiring in 2021 from a career in public school education. She's thrilled to have time to dedicate to getting outdoors and learning about the wonders of the Southwest, particularly the amazing birding in this corner of the country.



Education Chair –vacant